3 Key Components of Steel Buildings


It is a common occurrence that homeowners accumulate a lot of belongings over the years and start to run out of space for storage. Additions and the construction of garages can be very expensive and aluminum sheds usually do not offer the additional space and protection that is needed or desired.

Consequently, more and more homeowners are turning to pre-fabricated steel buildings to provide storage for their belongings that they cannot find the space for in the home. There are many reasons why one should consider such a structure for their storage needs.

1. Versatile

Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular as home storage units because of their versatility. They can be installed anywhere there is space and a flat surface. A homeowner is easily able to relocate the structure to another area if the original site is no longer deemed desirable. Steel buildings can also be easily attached to existing structures or expanded with additional building kits. Adding on to wooden, brick, or aluminum structures is definitely not as easy and can be significantly more costly. 3

Steel buildings are available in many different sizes, guaranteeing that you can purchase one to easily accommodate any item that you need to store. Homeowners are also able to purchase them in different colours, allowing for the opportunity to match the home. If someone wants to avoid the cold, industrial look that often accompanies a steel building, glass windows and unique doors can be added to give the structure a modern and welcoming appearance.

2. Resistant

When items are stored, it is a main goal of the owner to ensure that they are safe and secure. Steel is one of the strongest materials available and buildings made from it can be ordered in different gauges that guarantee belongings stored within them are kept safe from harsh weather, moisture, fire, and theft. Most manufacturers of these steel buildings offer 25-year warranties, giving you peace of mind that your structure will withstand the test of time and be able to resist such occurrences as fire, high winds, snowstorms, and hurricanes.

Most buildings are treated with coatings that protect their finish from rust, allowing them maintain their durability and look for decades. Steel storage buildings are also a better option because they do not experience some of the issues that wooden structures face such as cracking, termites, and warping. Because they are so strong and resistant to elements, many homeowners that have them have received significant discounts from insurance companies providing coverage.

3. Easy assembly

Steel buildings are renowned for how easy they are to erect. They arrive to the site in kits that include pre-fabricated components that are guaranteed to fit together, making them easy to assemble for the homeowner. Albeit with a little help from an assistant, any person is capable of erecting a steel storage unit with tools that most homeowners already have. This allows one to avoid hiring someone to put the structure together and buy tools required which in turn allows for significant cost savings.

The buildings can be completed within a matter of hours, providing the opportunity for the homeowner to start using it for much-needed storage the same day that the pre-fabricated kit arrives. As mentioned, these steel buildings can be easily expanded in the event the homeowner needs even more storage space. All that one needs to do is remove the end walls, erect the new frame, and add wall and roof panels. Once the building is erected it requires little maintenance but a mild soap and water is enough to give the interior and exterior a quick shine on occasion.

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