3 Shopping Guidelines for Buying a Futon


Whether you are looking for furniture for a guest bedroom or a living room, a futon may be just the piece you need. Futons have become popular over the years because they are space-saving, versatile, and able to serve as both a bed and a sofa.

While a vast majority of them have these features in common, not all futons are built the same with some being of better quality than others. Before you make the commitment to buying a futon that you are considering, there are certain things to be mindful to ensure you get the one that best suits your needs.

1. Space

You obviously want a futon that will fit in the space that you have available. Getting a futon too small may not be accommodating enough and you will waste an opportunity to fill up the space you have. Too big of a futon will not fit in your space and force you to re-arrange your setup and this may not be ideal or even possible. Before purchasing a futon, measure the space where you will be placing it. Sizes include king, California king, queen, double, and single. Also, be mindful that you will need enough space for when the futon is reclined into a bed position to allow you to move around freely and not hit any walls or other pieces of furniture.

When purchasing a futon also be mindful of the other furniture that you have in the room. You want it to blend in well with everything else and this can easily be done with futon covers available in different colours and designs if the original look does not match.

2. Frame

The futon’s frame is the foundation of it so paying close attention to it will ensure you get one that is of acceptable quality. The futon should be durable and strong which will guarantee that it is able to hold people of all shapes and sizes. Because you will be frequently turning the futon into a bed and back again, a good frame will be able to endure this stress and not break or crack.

Frames come in three typical types: bi-fold, loveseat, and trifold. Bi-fold frames fold the mattress in half along its length and this type should be considered when you want to regularly fold it into a bed. Loveseat frames come in two parts, a smaller couch and an ottoman. This type of futon folds into a full-sized mattress but is smaller and ideal for more confined spaces. Trifold frames allow the mattress to be folded out three times and can also be placed into smaller spaces.

3. Comfort

No matter who sleeps on the futon that you purchase you want it to be comfortable. If it will be you, you want to have a good night’s sleep every time you are on it. If you are purchasing one mainly to be able to accept guests, you want to be seen as accommodating and offer a comfortable bed. Before purchasing a futon, test the mattress in the store to see how comfortable it is when you are in both sitting and sleeping positions.

Futon mattresses should be at least 6 inches thick and should have spring coils enclosed. These offer the comfort of a natural bed and are definitely recommended if someone is sleeping on it on a regular basis. For futons that are not used daily, foam mattresses will suffice and hold their form for a long period of time.

The frame of the futon you are looking at should be sturdy. Wood and metal frames are common but some metal ones are known to bend over time so confirm that it is sturdy before making the commitment to buy.

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