4 Benefits of a Gondola Retail Shelving System


For a manager, it is often a challenge to make the store presentable and ensure that space is utilized efficiently.Β  To achieve these goals, many businesses have turned to gondola shelving. This type of shelving is free-standing, double-sided, and allows for a number of shelves on each unit to display all products available. Gondola shelving has been a popular option for many businesses in a variety of industries and below are benefits to having them.

1. Versatile

Gondola shelving units are a popular option for stores, because they are versatile and can be adapted to meet any need. The display shelving units can easily be installed by an employee, removing the need to hire a professional that would add to overall costs. They are also very easy to disassemble in the event a manager needs to take down a display to move it elsewhere in the store. Shelves can be added or taken away as needed as well, ensuring that your products have adequate space. Shelving can be easily adjusted to different heights and depths to allow maximum optimization of the display.

2. Maximizes space

As mentioned, gondola shelving units are free-standing and double-sided meaning that a large amount of products can be placed on them. This allows a business to maximize their available space and at the same time ensure products are displayed for customers to see. Shelves can withstand weights up to 350 lbs. meaning that even heavier items can be displayed on gondola units. The shelves can be placed in a way that creates aisles. Such an arrangement saves floor space and keeps products organized in a way that will allow customers to easily locate them.

Gondola shelving units can also accommodate different accessories such as baskets and clips that allow a business to add even more products to the display. While it is not recommended that products be crowded into spaces that cannot fit them, wiring can be purchased and added to displays to ensure products do not fall from shelves, allowing a business to make use of all space available and reduce the instances of products being damaged.

3. Increase profits

Having gondola shelving can provide the opportunity for a business to increase their profits significantly. The units allow the business to strategically place goods in places and at heights that will increase the likelihood of a customer seeing them and making a purchase. Shelving can be purchased in a variety of shapes and colours that can definitely catch the eye of a potential customer.

Due to the gondola shelving’s free-standing properties, a business can arrange it anywhere in the store as a wing or sale area, making it appealing to customers and increasing the chances of products being seen. Not only will this type of shelving increase profits, it can save money as well. The units themselves do not cost too much to purchase and not a lot of time and money needs to be spent on maintaining them. As long as they are not mistreated, gondola shelving units can last for decades, removing the need to replace them regularly.

4. Ideal for any space

No matter what industry a business is in, gondola shelving is an efficient option for storing products due to their versatility and ability to maximize space. These units are often found in places such as supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores because no matter what products a business has to sell, they can accommodate them.

As mentioned, businesses can also purchase a variety of accessories that go well with gondola shelving units such as hanging baskets, clips, and shelf dividers. These allow a company to add even more products to displays and arrange them in a way that are visually pleasing to the customer.

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