4 Best Benefits of Staying at a Furnished Apartment


Many people are renting furnished apartments for various reasons. People who travel on business, people who need a place for a few months because they took on a job on contract, people on a course or people who’ve moved to a city and need a place to stay before finding something more permanent. Whatever the reason, furnished apartments are becoming increasingly popular, and here are some of the best reasons why.

1. It’s Much Cheaper Than A Hotel

Hotel bills are going to be hefty, let’s face it. The longer you stay, the more you’ll fork out. Compare this to a furnished apartment and you’re paying just a fraction. In a hotel, you sometimes have no choice but to eat out. This is more money coming out of your pocket. With a furnished apartment, you can cook your own meals, so that’s another big money saver there.

2. Better & Safer Than Airbnb

Though it might be cheaper just to use Airbnb rather than a furnished apartment, it’s much safer and less hassle to use a furnished apartment from a company that’s gained a reputation in this field and who is not a middleman. With a furnished apartment, you have peace of mind and you get quality as well. With Airbnb, you never know what horror stories awaits you, for both host and guest. Hosts take a huge risk, because it’s their place, so when it does get trashed, it affects them personally. A furnished apartment is a great middle ground between a hotel and Airbnb.

3. Private Space

One good thing (especially if you’re a quiet, private person) is that a furnished apartment gives you your own private space. No one comes in, you don’t share a room, like you might, in the case of Airbnb with the owner still there, so, basically, the place is yours for the duration of your stay.

4. Feel Like A Real Citizen

Unlike a hotel, when you rent a furnished apartment, you can feel like a real citizen, as if you’re part of the neighbourhood. Hotels are built with tourists and travellers in mind, so it’s a bit like a bubble. The surroundings also tend to be a part of this bubble, and while it’s not really a bad or negative thing, in a furnished apartment, you get right into the heart of the neighbourhood and feel like you’re a part of the community. It’s a more realistic, cosier feeling.

When moving to a furnished apartment, you’ll need to consider things like the lease (short-term is available), location (depending on how long you’ll be there), the price, the size, utilities and if you happen to have a pet with you, you need to make sure that it’s pet-friendly. There are many great furnished apartments available to suit different situations and tastes and all things considered, it’s likely the best option compared to the other ones.

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