4 Criteria When You Buy a Refrigerator for Your Restaurant


The refrigerator that you choose for your restaurant is an important decision as it keeps ingredients fresh and preserves your food until it is cooked. The last thing you would ever want to happen is a customer falling ill or you had to dispose of expensive food because your refrigeration was inadequate. There are some considerations to keep in mind when searching for a refrigerator for your restaurant and the ones below will help you get the one that you need.

1. Warranty

Similar to any other commercial kitchen equipment purchase you make, you want the assurance that your refrigerator will be covered if it malfunctions. When considering a particular refrigerator, look into the warranty. Different models have warranties that differ in terms of length and what is covered, usually either parts, labour, or both. Confirm that the warranty entails repairing the unit in a timely manner which is important as you would hate to have a refrigerator full of food and have to scramble for a backup source to keep things cold. Some companies offer 24-hour service for repairs and this would be beneficial to prevent you from having spoiled food or having to shut down operations until a repairman can attend.

2. Size

The space that you have in your kitchen will largely determine what commercial refrigerator you buy. If you have plenty of space, a walk-refrigerator allows you to store everything in one space and easily locate anything you need. A portable refrigerator on casters obviously will not hold nearly as much as a walk-in, but it can be moved conveniently to wherever an employee wants to move it for convenience and easy access. If your business is small with not much space to spare, under-counter refrigerators are available that you can keep out of the way and do not take up a lot of room. Be sure to measure the area that your refrigerator will occupy to confirm that it will fit as well as the cubic feet of the unit itself.

3. Choose a familiar brand

You may be tempted to choose a brand of refrigerator you are unfamiliar with because it is less expensive but this may cost you more money in the end. Purchasing a unit with a name that is foreign to you will probably mean it is cheap, it will break down, and you will spend more money to fix it than if you did going with a good name brand in the first place. A brand that you know means the company is popular, a lot of people trust their products, and your purchase will enjoy a long life. The better-known brands will also be energy efficient, using 20-30% less energy than other units that do not have this rating and saving you money in the long run.

4. Location of compressor

The compressor in a refrigerator is the component that works to keep it cold. Refrigerators are available with two different types of compressors. The bottom-mount compressor refrigerators cost less and do not last as long but are more efficient as the air at the bottom of the unit is usually cooler which allows them to operate less. Because debris falls to the floor, the compressor gets dirtier and can require more maintenance. The top-mount compressor refrigerators are more expensive but last a lot longer than the refrigerators with a bottom-mount compressor. The compressor works less sometimes because warmer air is usually vented through the top of the unit. For this reason, you need to make sure you have enough space between the unit and the ceiling to allow warmer air to escape.

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