4 Perks of Tracking Your Website’s Visitors


If you have a business and an online presence, or perhaps your business is solely done online, it is really important to understand the concept of website visitor tracking. It will offer you so much of information that you can use to improve your business and also your website itself.

How successful your business may be is literally in your own hands if you know how to track visitors and use the information appropriately. Let’s take a closer look at website visitor tracking, what it means and how you can use it.

1. Turn Visits Into Leads

If you have a website, you should have access to all kinds of analytics, either through the company you paid for your site or from Google. You will be able to see things such as the number of people who visited your site, where they came from, how long they stayed on your site, which particular page or pages that they visited and for how long and from which page they exited your site, including other information that will be useful. You can see which visitors came and went and did not buy anything or did not enter their information, such as subscribing to a newsletter.

You actually have the potential to turn these anonymous visitors into leads. They did not come to your site out of the blue or by accident. There was some reason for them to come, so if you know what it is they were looking for, you could even end up making a sale.

2. Study Their Activities

When each visitor comes to your site, you can tell if they quickly left or for how long they stayed. If they stayed on a particular page for a while, you know that your content was useful enough to them to keep them engaged. The content on your site must be good quality and not spammy. It should be original and it must be useful to visitors. Some visitors to your site may get some information and never come back. Others may like your content enough that they may come back and explore your site further. Your content is incredibly important.

3. Geographic Location

Knowing where your audience is coming from is incredibly powerful because you can cater your marketing efforts with location in mind. You can then run advertising campaigns that will only target people from Brazil, China or Australia, for example. You can use specific pages to offer something free in exchange for their email information. This means you will be able to contact them and offer them products they may be interested in, based on what pages they were visiting. You could even have certain pages translated into a specific language to make it easier for some visitors.

4. Keywords

Keywords are important for all websites. With visitor tracking and other analytics, you will be able to see what keywords are responsible for bringing visitors to your site. Some may bring loads of visitors while others may only bring a few. This information will allow you to optimize your pages further still.

Make no mistake, website visitor tracking is full of ways to increase your business if you know how to play the game. You can always hire professionals to help you do this and guide you on how best to use this information. This can result in capturing the business of some high-paying clients. Think what a coup like that could do for you and your business!

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