5 Benefits of Sleeve Storage Systems


Laminating sleeves are delicate and inappropriate storage of them will cause serious and significant damage. For this reason, sleeve storage systems are an essential component of any company, allowing employers quick, easy access, and preventing damage that renders sleeves unusable.

If your company is in dire need of a method to safe-keep your sleeves, below are the benefits of adopting a storage system.

1. Modular design

Flexibility is one essential benefit of sleeve storage systems. Sleeve storage systems are made with a modular design to enable you to expand the system according to your desired amount of storage. This makes them suitable for many facilities since they can be assembled and expanded to fit the space available. The parts are also very easy to assemble to increase storage if there is the need to.

These modular designs also have an advantage of minimizing costs as you will not have to incur costs of customizing your sleeve storage system to meet your changing needs. All you have to do is assemble the parts to fit your needs. Assembling of components is an inexpensive method of customization and can be done with relative ease.

2. Safety of the sleeves

Sleeve storage systems store sleeves vertically. This helps them in countering the effects of gravity and therefore they can retain their shape and last longer. Maintaining the correct shape is crucial for easy placement of sleeves on the press, and it also allows for proper placement of ink. This way you can the results you want. Also, storing the sleeves vertically prevents them from slanting and bending and this will protect the edges.

This also prevents the round sleeves from changing shape to an oval which can be undesirable. These storage systems are also designed with storage units close to the ground to minimize the potential of falling sleeves to the floor while removing them. This helps in reducing damage to the sleeves when they fall as well as improving the safety of the person removing the sleeve.

3. Efficient use of storage space

These systems use dynamic racking in storing sleeves. This method uses a very small area to store a massive amount of laminating sleeves. In traditional storage systems, you are required to use a large amount of warehouse or space to store sleeves, but a sleeve storage system helps in saving this area that you can then use for other purposes. The storage systems usually feature rollers that allow for movement of the racks when required.

The flex storage solutions are also designed with a multiple level system to store sleeves of different dimensions therefore allowing you to optimize your space while at the same time being able to store your sleeves as needed. The distances between these levels are adjustable for increased storage capacity.

4. Fast and ease of retrieving sleeves

Sleeves in the sleeve storage system are well-organized and this enables you to retrieve the sleeve you want quickly and with less hassle. They are designed in such a way that one level has at most two rows so that employees can easily identify and access the exact sleeve they need.

Sleeves can also be accessed easily by operating a semi-automatic feature where you can easily input a number and a specific rack where the sleeve you are looking for will open.

5. Sturdy design

As stated, sleeves are delicate objects that need to be stored in sturdy and reliable storage systems to protect them from damage. The sleeve storage systems are made using a sturdy design from tubular steel.

The structural steel frames and sheet metal racks ensure maximum strength but are still lightweight, allowing for easy modification or transport to another area if needed. The steel surfaces are resistant to wear and are easy to clean, ensure your storage system lasts a long time.

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