5 Career Benefits as a Dental Hygienist


If you’re considering a career as a dental hygienist, or if you’re in the middle of your program, rest assured that it is a good choice you’ve made. It can be a very rewarding career.

You get to meet many people and you will make a difference in their lives. You can develop friendships because some patients will come regularly. You can develop your professional expertise through dental hygiene continuing education courses and programs. You will also be able to meet kids and help those who are nervous. They may even look forward to seeing you next time! Here are 5 reasons why a career as a dental hygienist is an excellent choice.

1. Job Security

You may have worked in other fields before and you may have suffered the misfortune of being laid off or having your hours reduced. Once you’ve had a job and lose it, it can be pretty stressful. A career as a dental hygienist offers more job security. Statistics show that those who are in this particular field have a lower-than-average rate of unemployment. While no job is really secure, as anything can happen, at least in this field, you will have greater job security.

2. Great Salary

Perhaps you’re working right now and making a meagre salary. This may be why you’re considering a career change and you’re thinking of becoming a dental hygienist. Well, dental hygienists make a very good salary, so you’re on the right track! It is considered one of the best jobs in Canada and a dental hygienist can earn as much as $70,000 a year. You may also be entitled to certain benefits as well, benefits that you may not be receiving in your current job, so this makes it an even more attractive option for you.

3. Flexible Hours

You would like to have a nice balance of work and life wouldn’t you? Your family obligations are important to you but it can be difficult if you have working hours that are not flexible. Perhaps this is a reason why you are considering a career change. As a dental hygienist, you can work full time or part time depending on your needs. There are dental offices that are open even on the weekends. This can help you to arrange your scheduling needs accordingly.

4. Self-Employment

As a dental hygienist, you actually have the option of operating your own business, making you self-employed. How does that sound? This can be an attractive and exciting option for many. Therein lies another flexible advantage of being a dental hygienist. You can be employed full time but you could also work in more than one dental office if you are self-employed. Have you considered the possibility of running a mobile business? You can go to clients in community health centres, residential care facilities or other places in your area. If you are self-employed by having your own small business, you control the hours you work. In fact, you have the ability to make more money than regular dental hygienists who work as an employee.

5. Fun & Challenging

Though cleaning a patient’s teeth is a big part of the job, this is not all that a dental hygienist does. There are many duties which will require knowledge, responsibility and paying attention to the smallest details. Patients will require different treatments as each patient is different. There may be dental or even medical emergencies as these can be unpredictable. You will need to offer patient counselling and help to calm patients down if they are particularly nervous. Adults can be really afraid, so don’t assume only children have these issues.

A dental hygienist plays an important role in a patient’s dental health. If you are considering this career, keep smiling because you have made a great choice.

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