5 Fun Experiences of Summer Camp


It seems that time is always flying by faster than most people can comprehend. In one moment, you will find yourself trying to stay warm during winter, then suddenly you are attempting to escape the stifling heat of summer. The same goes for parents who put their babies down for the night only to realize that their baby is now an older kid the next morning.

What about the parents that find themselves with older children who now have an entire summer at home to look forward to? There are many great options for ways to give kids a great summer, but one of the best ways is to allow them to experience summer camp. In this guide, we will look at five great reasons to send your child to summer camp.

1. Developing Independence

Most parents don’t enjoy the thought of their little girls or boys growing up and growing away from them, but it will happen. As such, it’s a good idea for the child to have that flair of independence that any young person needs in order to survive in this world. Sending them away to camp, away from the comfort of their home in a safe environment, will help sever any reliance they may have on familiarity and promote healthy personal growth.

2. Memories of Adventure

Warm childhood memories can happen many places, but some of the best ones can happen in a summer camp. When they are adults, they will be able to fondly look back on their time there, remembering the friends that they made and the fun that was had. Whether that be swimming, crafting, exploring, or even just learning about the world around them, there is sure to be at least one thing that they carry with them through life.

3. Taking a Break

Most parents will be able to attest to the fact that it is entirely too easy to become a bit overly involved in a child’s life. It’s not that you mean to become that way, you simply become too concerned in ensuring that the kid becomes all they can be and desire their success. This, understandably, can put quite a lot of stress on the young people in our lives.

This, added to the competitiveness of sports, the expectations of school, and the monumental task of growing up, can really overextend a child. With camp, most of these elements are relieved, which allows them to just breathe for a bit, and everybody needs a few moments like that.

4. Resting the Electronics

With the astounding amount of connectivity in the world today, it’s easy to see how someone would need to stay glued to tiny screens and buttons pretty much constantly. While it is a bit necessary, it’s still not healthy for people. Putting a child in an environment with other kids, positive role models, and plenty of things to see, learn, and do can really help tear them away from electronics and let them rest their eyes and minds in the comfort of nature and friendship.

5. Bonding

Running with the theme of the last entry, the connectivity of the world today can lead to people knowing others whom they would otherwise never meet. After so many impersonal interactions, a child can somewhat lose that sense of true relationship that they would have with a friend in real life. A camp experience may show them how to truly cultivate a strong friendship, while living and working around others, thus preparing them for life as young adults.

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