5 Guidelines Working With A Divorce Lawyer


Seeking counsel from a divorce lawyer is never an easy time. Divorce brings a lot of stress and heightened emotions, which is why it’s important to find a lawyer who can competently protect your rights. An incompetent lawyer can end up costing you time, money and possibly a bit of your sanity. This blog post details five different ways you can make finding a good divorce lawyer an easier process.

1. What Skills Should You Be Looking For?

Divorce can drain you emotionally and financially. Getting a lawyer who specializes in divorce gives you the best chance to win your case. Divorce lawyers that specialize in family law understand how important the process is especially if children and property are involved.

The last thing you need is to hire an attorney who canโ€™t effectively communicate. Make sure you find a lawyer who won’t be intimidated by your spouseโ€™s legal representation. The lawyer you choose shouldn’t use complex terms. You want to make the process easy, which starts with clear communication.

2. Avoid These Common Mistakes:

Going through a divorce is a painful and tedious process. You might be tempted to start sharing your frustrations with your lawyer instead of focusing on the important task at hand. Remember, you are looking for a divorce lawyer, not a therapist. Save your sorrows for your therapist, they are much better at their jobs and cheaper than an attorney.

Always prepare questions for your attorney and pay attention to how they answer them. For example, does he/she know your spouse or your spouseโ€™s attorney? What percentage of cases have they won? Ask questions you feel will be essential to ensure you win.

It’s important you don’t go into pricing blindly. Youโ€™ll have to balance the level of legal services you need while considering the cost of services you can afford.

3. What Are Some Common Red Flags To Watch Out For?

Most attorneys will tell you what they think you want to hear so that they can close the deal. Attorneys of this type only want to get paid. Look out for lawyers who readily divulge other clientโ€™s information. If all they talk about is their high-profile clients, itโ€™s likely they will share your business with other people as well. The lawyer you choose should act as per the professional ethics stipulated by law.

4. Asking For Referrals Is An Easy Way To Find Trusted Professionals

If you’re seeing a therapist or marriage counselor, then they may be able to give you a good referral. Marriage counselors and therapists have helped their clients through many divorces and may be able to recommend a quality attorney.

If you already have a family attorney, they might be able to help you find a quality divorce attorney.

5. Take The Time To Prepare For Your First Meeting

Divorce is very personal, and you might be nervous when you meet with the attorney for the first time. To avoid this nervous feeling, take the time to prepare yourself before. Make a list of important questions you have and take notes during the meeting.

During the first meeting, your attorney will ask the basics about finances, custody issues and your ex-spouses temperament. The first meeting is used to feel out the situation and see if either party will make the divorce more complicated than it needs to be.

Once youโ€™ve considered all the above factors the next step is to discuss payment arrangements. Divorce may be unavoidable and painful, however, choosing the right divorce attorney will make the process significantly easier and less stressful.

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