5 Packaging Tips to Prevent Damage


The experience with damaged goods and parcels due to transportation errors and poor packaging can be a very disappointing. With the proper packaging supplies, one can adequately prevent these damages. Discussed here are five packaging tips to prevent parcel damage.

1. Use Bubble Wraps for Protection

Whether your parcel is big or small, bubble wraps are essential for the protection of your goods. Using a good amount of bubble wrap will enable you to add a layer that protects the items being transported or stored. This cushioning prevents the items being transported from moving around hence avoid accidental damages. For the fragile items, ensure they are properly wrapped with the bubble wraps and placed in the center to avoid the four sides where breakage is more likely to occur.

2. Choose Boxes of the Right Quality

The quality of the packaging supplies influences how well your items are protected. Sometimes, one can reuse old packaging materials especially when the items being packaged are not prone to damage. However, some items are friable and can be easily broken. For such items, ensure that the box being used firm and sturdy. When necessary, new double walled boxes can be used while avoiding old and wet cartons.

3. Secure the Parcel with Parcel Tape

Parcel tape is specifically designed to secure parcels and boxes. Once attached, 3M parcel tape stays stuck and is not easily detached. The common home clear tape is not suitable for proper sealing of a big box regardless of the number of layers applied. This is only suitable for the very small sized packages. Nylon bands are also effective in securing a box and reducing the risk of cartons opening up during transportation.

4. Select a Box of the Right Size

In some instances, the manufacturer may underestimate the size of their products. This can result in a situation where the items being packaged don’t fully fit in the intended box. As a result, the items need to be squeezed for them to fit. The excess pressure against the items can precipitate breakage of fragile materials and wrinkling of garments. When the box is too empty, movement of the items is increased, a process that promotes breakages as well. A properly packed box is neither too empty nor too full.

5. Use Silica Gel to Prevent Damage from Moisture

A wide range of materials and elements can be easily damaged by moisture. Moisture encourages the growth of molds and speeds up the spoilage process. Condensed liquid can damage electronics increase the rate of chemical decomposition such as with medications. Therefore, when the materials being packaged are sensitive to moisture, don’t forget to include silica gel dessicant

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