5 Professional Roofing Tip for Autumn


In managing your home needs this fall season, it’s important to consider the guidance of professionals. Without experience in the maintenance and repair marketplace, you’re unlikely to know the steps required to protect your property and keep the home in the required condition for the coming years. To help guide you as you prepare your home for the winter season, we’re highlighting five roofing maintenance tips in this latest post.

1. Check the Shingles on Your Roof

One of the most obvious signs of a roofing problem will be damage to the exterior of the roof. The shingles on your roof should be in the ideal condition to protect the structure underneath. To analyze the roof and its current structure, use a ladder and look over the top of the roof. Make sure that all safety precautions are taken during this process. For example, you should only use the ladder if you’re comfortable in doing so, and you have a person at the bottom of the ladder to keep it steady. Look across the roof for shingles that have been broken or areas of the roof in which shingles are missing. This is a clear sign you require assistance from professional roofers before the winter season.

2. Check Ceilings for Leaks

Leaks within the home can cause thousands of dollars of damage over time. They can also cause your water bills to rise significantly. And so, it’s important that you stop leaks from the roof before they become an expensive problem to fix. To check for leaks within the home, review the ceiling. Look for signs of discolouration and water spots, which might indicate moisture in the area directly above the ceiling. This is a clear sign that water has made its way below the roof and that you now require assistance from professional roofers. Take on this step proactively in the coming weeks to considerably reduce your repair costs.

3. Review the Fascia Boards

The fascia board is a critical element of the home structure and it requires your close attention if you are to achieve a safe home throughout the winter season. The primary function of this area of the home is to protect the roofing by blocking the entrance of moisture. However, in some cases, heavy water exposure due to persistent rain will cause the fascia boards to detach from the house. Look at the exterior of the boards and examine the system for damage. Make sure that you speak with a local specialist if you suspect the board has come loose from the roof, as this requires professional tools and workmanship to ensure the board is replaced effectively.

4. Get a Professional Inspection

When you’re spending most days simply trying to take of your family and complete your day-to-day working responsibilities, you often don’t have time for home maintenance work. To simplify the maintenance process and target the most important and time-consuming tasks, ensure you have a property inspection completed. The property inspection will be important in helping you see which tasks must be urgently completed for the winter season.

5. Book Professional Work on the Home

Now that the property has been inspected professionals and you’ve completed a review of the home, you’re in a better position to decide on the type of work that needs to take place. Call your local roofers to begin the work as soon as possible, and make sure you have guidance on the timing of any maintenance work and the total cost, once it’s been completed.

Taking the time now to complete roofing maintenance can help protect your home for the future. Call the professionals directly if you have any questions about maintenance work.


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