6 Guidelines to Buying a Wooden Watch


Watches can be the most important accessory any man can wear, and there will be different options for any kind of situation that may arise. The key is knowing how your watch may support what you are trying to showcase, and one of the best options will be wooden watches. The prices can vary greatly, ensuring people do not have to be worried about overspending on their watch, while getting what they are looking for.

1. Option to customize

One way to make sure you are getting exactly what you want while keeping it within your price range is to customize the watch you are purchasing. When you are customizing, there are going to be a few different steps. You start by choosing the dial, where you can pick your particular design and color. After that you will pick the case. There may be less options in this area, but you will be able to choose the one that is best suited or everything else you are choosing. After the case you must pick your strap, and when you are dealing with wooden watches, there will be a wide range of looks to choose from. Once everything is put together, you can then add other details like an engraving on the watch itself, or even on the box it will come in. You can customize it for yourself, or to make sure you are giving the best possible gift.

2. Making a statement with a wooden watch

While most people may associate other materials with a higher class of watch, there are wooden watches that you keep you as classy and up to date as anyone. They may not have the flash of a gold watch, but wooden watches have options that may be subtler, while sending the same message. Prices on wooden watches can go for over one thousand dollars. These are watches that everyone will notice, while also making you a bit more unique.

3. More affordable options

Not everyone is able to go out and spend too much money on a watch, and wooden watches will also offer much more affordable options, while not sacrificing too much quality. You can get watches for under two hundred dollars. These options will allow you to get something that is suited to your situation, without causing too much financial discomfort.

4. Different kinds of wood

When dealing with wooden watches, there is always going to be great variety, because of the different things that can be done with different kinds of wood. The options can include walnut, rosewood, dark sandalwood, Maplewood, teak, butternut and olive. Each of these kinds of woods will have their distinguishing factors, and there will also be a variety from within each category of wood. Certain categories will have more options, but you can be confident that you will find what you are looking for within the different options.

5. Special collections

You can find all kinds of options within the different kinds of woods, but there are even more options if you are looking to the special collections. The more advanced options may include the fall hue collection, you can add a bit more to an anniversary gift, and you can look specifically at square or rectangular variations.

6. Getting something special

Wooden watches are a phenomenal option for men who are looking to add something special. Wooden watches can help distinguish you from more conventional options. Most importantly, the different options offered with wooden watches will ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to make sure you capture the overall look that you were searching for. Whether it is a gift, or a purchase for yourself, a wooden watch is always going to be a special choice

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