7 Legal Reasons to Protect Yourself with a Car Accident Lawyer


Whether you were the one at fault or the victim, a car accident can have serious legal complications. Getting a lawyer after an accident may be the best way to receive everything that is owed to you after this trying experience. Taking action after a car accident is a time sensitive matter, your lawyer can help you deal with this while you focus on your personal recovery.

Below are some key reasons why a car accident lawyer can help protect you.

1. Paperwork

After an accident, the last thing you want to be doing is continuously filling out confusing legal paperwork. Your accident lawyer will take care of this for you and will explain every process along the way. You can remove the added stress and focus on protecting yourself.

2. Insurance companies

You want to ensure that your insurance company has your best interest at heart. Though insurance companies want to protect their client, they are also focused on driving down costs and payouts. Your lawyer can deal directly with the insurance company, keeping your needs, the situation, and insurance policies in mind.

3. Time

Dealing with your accident is a time sensitive matter. Having an attorney who has experience with similar claims and knowledge of the legal process will save you time. There are certain clauses such as suing for injury or loss that have an expiration date. Your lawyer will make sure that all claims meet the deadline.

4. Negotiation

As there will be two or more parties involved, negotiation and resolution can be a very difficult task. Your lawyer can utilize negotiation tactics from similar cases that you may never have been aware of. A lawyer will also be utilized for speaking with the other parties and understanding their resolution goals.

5. Disability

A car accident lawyer can help protect you for the entire length of your injury. If you were involved in an accident that causes long-term disability, your lawyer can ensure that you receive everything required to help you through the entirety of your injury. This is true especially when multiple parties are involved, since there are an abundance of damages that can occur. Having a lawyer explain the personal, financial and liability damages to you will provide assurance that your final settlement is, hopefully, fair for all parties.

6. Speed

If you waited an extended period of time to file your claim or if the claim has not been settled in a timely manner, a lawyer can help you speed up the process by going through every detail of the case from the day of the accident to year(s) later. This can be especially necessary if a settlement is presented after a lengthy time period and you are not happy with the result. Your lawyer can determine what can change based on the entirety of the case.

7. Bringing your case to court

One of the most important reasons to consider hiring a lawyer, especially if the accident is serious and/or with multiple parties, is that the lawyer can bring your case to court. Though you can go to court and trial on your own, an experienced lawyer will greatly increase your chance of winning or reaching a mutually beneficial resolution.

Most people do not think about hiring a car accident lawyer until after the accident. Though you can hire a lawyer at any time, preparing yourself for all scenarios may greatly benefit you. During the difficult time after any accident, you want to rely on a lawyer whom you know and feel comfortable with. It is never too early to find a law firm who you can discuss your options with if an accident does occur.

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