8 Simple Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Lawn


A beautiful and healthy lawn is the pride of any homeowner, and is less likely to be invaded by weeds and pests. Here are 10 simple lawn care tips you should follow.

1. Choose quality grass seeds

When planting a new lawn or overseeding a tired one, be sure to choose quality grass seeds for a beautiful lawn that will last for many years.

2. Don’t cut your lawn too short

When mowing your lawn, you should keep it between 2.5 and 3 inches high. This will help promote growth, and keep weeds and pests away.

3. Don’t add too much water

You should not water your lawn more than once a week. When you do water it, try not to add more than 1 inch of water, as too much water will rid the soil of the oxygen grass needs to stay healthy.

4. Feed your lawn to help it grow healthy

You can use compost to feed your lawn, but grass clippings are also a good source of nutrients. Don’t pick them up after mowing your lawn. At the same time, keep your lawn healthy by minimizing your usage of pesticide. Using too much pesticides and herbicides is bad for the environment. If you are not using these products properly, you might even end up damaging your lawn.

5. Choose the right product

If you do use a pesticide or a herbicide, make sure you are choosing the right product for the type of insect or the type of weed you are trying to get rid of.

6. Do maintenance each season

Try your best to maintain the lawn each season. If there are dying grass shoots after the change of the season (too much of the thatch will suffocate your lawn), use a rake to remove thatch from your lawn in the early spring. Also, be sure to aerate your lawn once a year to make it easier for the grass roots to absorb the water and the nutrients they need.

7. Think about using paving stones

If your lawn easily gets damaged in heavy traffic areas, think about replacing some grass with paving stones or mulch as an easy way to say goodbye to ugly grass patches.

8. Pay attention to your lawn

If you notice you have a problem with weeds, or if you have a pest problem that is getting out of control, it might be a good idea to ask for the help of a lawn care expert.

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