9 iPad Accessories Every Freelancer Should Have


Whether you have a dedicated work space or your mobile office changes with the direction of the wind, you might rely on your iPad, to run your business smoothly.

If you want to increase productivity and decrease downtime, when youโ€™re away from your favourite computer, these iPad accessories will help you keep working efficiently.

1. Wireless Keyboard

When you need to run to an appointment and you know youโ€™ll have a few minutes to write, ditch the heavy laptop in favour of your iPad and Bluetooth keyboard. Some keyboards even have rotating hinges allowing your tablet to be tilted and turned as needed. If you are a night owl trying to put in hours beside a sleeping spouse, you can even find keyboards with backlit keys.

2. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you travel, move often from one environment to another, or work with kids sitting in your lap, you definitely need screen protection. Tempered glass is super easy to apply and absolutely beats inconvenient and expensive repairs or replacement.

3. Adjustable Stand

When youโ€™re working on your laptop, but you need that second screen for research or to jump on a conference call, an adjustable stand is so useful. Usually, a quick press of a button allows you to move adjust the viewing angle to your needs. Go for a sturdy model that wonโ€™t tip over. Also look for one that works in portrait and landscape mode.

4. Speaker

You wear headphones for Skype calls and interviews but for transcribing audio or video, take a break and use the Bluetooth speaker.

5. Bluetooth Number Pad

When you need to keep your financial records up-to-date, keep a number pad handy. When you have a few minutes and a cup of java, you can enter some expenses on the fly.

6. Appropriate Chargers

If you usually drive, a car charger is perfect. If you work at home, itโ€™s great to have a standard charger and a fast charger for emergencies. Just be aware that the fast charge trickle down more quickly. If youโ€™re planning to be off-grid or working at the beach, a solar charger might be worth the extra cash.

7. Tablet Case

Avoid scratches, dents and dirt, by keeping your iPad protected. You may want to promote a professional image with leather, when you meet with clients. Maybe youโ€™d rather carry a folio case with pockets for cards and identification or you might prefer a defender case with superb shock absorbency. No matter what your needs, there are colours, materials and designs to suit every style and budget.

8. Stylus

Editing is a cinch when you can easily click between letters and move things around with ease. Look for a stylus with a harder tip, rather than soft rubber, if you want to be more precise. If you want to be even more accurate, if you draw artwork for your writing pieces, or if you need to sign digital documents, the Apple Pencil is the ideal tool for you.

9. SD Card and Camera Adapter

If you have the necessary adapters on hand, you might not even need to go home and get your laptop. Transfer photos and video to your iPad in a flash. Take advantage of camera quality for on-time social media posts by uploading as you take the shot.

While some accessories are necessary, and others are just for fun, there are oodles of ways to deck out your iPad. These are just a few ideas that can help you, as a freelancer, make your iPad work for you.

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