How to Identify What Luxury Furniture Style Best Fits Your Personality


How your luxury furniture looks in your home depends a lot on your personality. The decor, art, or luxury furniture style you identify with most is a reflection of your background, feelings, desires, hopes for the future, and past experiences. In addition, it may be a joint reflection you share with a spouse or roommate. Whatever the case may be, you want to be sure you select a luxury furniture style that will sustain you (and your partner) for years to come.

This guide will help you find out what home decor pieces and luxury furniture style you should pursue while shopping for your next home.

1. Contemporary style features pieces with softened or rounded lines, unlike modern styles which feature sharp elements of home design.

Contemporary home styles will incorporate neutral elements complemented by bold colours. This style focuses on the basics of home design. A person who leans more heavily towards this style of luxury furniture and home decor will be especially pleased with earthy tones in the pieces they select.

While shopping for the bedroom, look for tufted headboards. This feature will suit a contemporary style personality well, as it presents a calming mood. Shades of beige or cloud gray will suit this person well.

2. When searching for the living room, contemporary stylists will seek a stand-out piece.

If this sounds like you, go for a bold sofa colour, like peacock blue, to pair with the more neutral pieces you select for this section of your space. As for the dining room, it’s time to mix and match. Pair bold-coloured dining room chairs with a dining room table with a rustic finish to create the lasting effect you’ll be happy with for years to come. A country and casual style will appeal to personalities that appreciate sentimentality, love sporting vintage apparel, and carry themselves with an undeniable warm-heartedness.

Forget the bold-coloured chairs in this person’s dining room, and go for vintage or rustic all around. A person who loves country and casual style will adore vintage French 18th century style chairs in their dining room.

3. Country and casual stylists will bring a similar mood to the bedroom.

Woods finishes with warm tones are ideal, and should be represented in all pieces of furniture in this person or pair’s bedroom. A country and casual stylist brings light to whatever social situation they’re in. Their bedroom will do the same. Their living room will open up with draped white curtains against vintage accents to complete the space.

Many are quick to confuse a country and casual stylist with a traditional one, but these styles fit varying personalities. A person who fits the traditional style luxury furniture and home decor mold appreciates updated classics. They build a bridge to modern style without crossing over to it.

4. Traditional stylists will appreciate pretty beveled or carved accents in the bedroom to create a luxurious atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

You will see sleek black features in this person’s furniture choices. In the dining room, a traditional stylist will set antiques against an updated dining room table and chair set to balance the look. The living room will fulfill that same balance. A modern stylist says no to antiques, and goes for sharp cuts across their space.

In the living room, you’ll find defined shapes in the furniture to emphasize this person’s taste for what’s new. For the modern furniture in your bedroom, a modern stylist appreciates pieces with a technological aura and lots of square cuts, whether it’s their headboard or night stand. The dining room is no exception to this palette.

5. Whatever luxury furniture and home decor style fits your personality best, the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping is authenticity.

You don’t want a piece of luxury furniture that misrepresents your personality, or your mood as a pair. Trust your intuition when it comes to browsing. If you’re not feeling a piece right away, if you can’t envision it in your space, move forward to the next great style or piece of luxury furniture. This is your home, and you deserve to live in it with absolute comfort and happiness.

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