Let’s Talk Limo: 4 Features of the New Tesla Limousine


Nikola Tesla once said that, β€œIf you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Now, wouldn’t you want to find the secrets of the universe by thinking of energy, frequency and vibration on a more intimate level by riding in a limousine? Well, lucky for you, there are many limo service providers that can offer you the opportunity to ride in a Tesla Model S and contemplate energy, frequency and vibration in style.

One particular limousine has been catching the headlines recently. You may have heard of the Tesla Model S. Here are the 4 interesting features of this Tesla-branded limousine:

1. Safety

The Model S is the ultimate in safety. It has 14 LED adaptive fog headlights where each light has 3 positions; this gives the occupants greater visibility to move during dark hours. This is especially important if the roads are curving and unfinished. To deter pollen, viruses, bacteria and pollutants from affecting the occupants, the Model S cabin has a medical grade HEPA system that eliminates these irritants from entering the cabin.

To help the driver avoid an accident, the Model S has collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking systems that are continually updated. In fact, the braking system is a 4-wheel antilock disc brakes as well as electronic stability and traction control. If there is an accident, there are 8 airbags for the occupants’ heads, knees and pelvis as well as side curtain airbags.

2. All Wheel Drive

The Model S has a dual motor, which enables it to be all-wheel drive, and is a huge advantage over other vehicles. One of the motors is in the back and the other is in the front of the Model S. Torque is controlled separately and digitally in these wheels; this creates an unimaginable traction ability for the driver in all road conditions.

Moreover, due to the all wheel drive, the Model S can go from 0 to 100 km in 2.7 seconds. Congestion is no longer a problem when in a Model S.

3. Driver Friendly Cabin

The Model S was made not only for the driver, but for the passengers. Regardless of what is happening outside, the cabin is designed to cocoon the occupants in the lull of peace and quiet. The Model S’ powertrain has been specially designed to reduce noise from entering the cabin.

Additional to the peace and quiet that the cabin offers, it also offers a touchscreen that enables the driver to have more control of the Model S. The touchscreen has: navigation and maps, camera, retracting door handles, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, GPS, voice activated controls, keyless entry, dimming mirrors, power windows, Bluetooth, soft cabin lighting, radio (AM, FM and streaming).

They also include heated side mirrors, plenty of trunk storage, and two USB ports and one 12-volt outlet. These accessories make a very comfortable ride. And unlike most vehicles that are made for adults, the Model S is also made for children, as it is capable of safely and comfortably seating three child seats at the same time.

4. Software Updates

Since 2012, Tesla has been sending updates to their vehicles. The Model S is no different. There have been updates to the autopilot features, the media player, voice control commands, and cabin overheat protection. It is the cabin overheat protection that is trendsetting.

It helps to regulate the temperature in a cabin to stay at a safe temperature for a few hours, which will help to protect vulnerable occupants while in the vehicle. These vulnerable occupants may be children, senior citizens, medically vulnerable and/or pets.

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