Preparing for a Funeral: 3 Factors to Decide Between Cremation & Burial


There is perhaps nothing more difficult in this life than losing a loved one, whether you are prepared or the loss comes unexpectedly. The long debate between cremation and burial may burden your family, and your family unit may be indecisive as to the right course of action moving forward, with little time for consideration. Your loved one may not have had the time to identify whether they wanted to be cremated or have a burial service. Whatever your choice, your loved one deserves the proper care in the afterlife that celebrates who they were and reflects upon their accomplishments. This guide will help you identify the right course of action and decide if cremation or burial is right for honoring your loved one.

1. If religion is a factor

Many believe that religions are against cremation. If your loved one was devoted to their religion and frequently practiced, it may be wise to consult their place of worship if you’re considering cremation. This is especially true if you are not affiliated with the religion or its practices yourself. Make an effort to put yourself back into your loved one’s life as they were living it, and evaluate what you believe was most important to them. The role that faith and spirituality played in their life may be too overwhelming of a factor to ignore when making the final call. Be sure to consider all aspects of their history. On the flip side, it is important to know that there are less religious prohibitions than there were in recent history. This serves as an important reminder to not make assumptions about your loved one’s faith. Many family units find that cremation is also more economic.

2. If environment impact is a factor

Nowadays, funeral homes and services may offer biodegradable caskets or urns to families, in coordination with energy-friendly equipment and natural cleaning agents to lessen environmental impact. Therefore, a casket should not be ruled out when considering environmental impact. On the other side, cremation is often considered to be more environmentally-friendly because it tends to prevent the release of natural toxins into the environment. If your loved one was passionate about conserving the environment and promoting a sustainable lifestyle, it’s time you consider what that would have meant to them in the afterlife.

3. If internal conflict is a factor

Your loved one’s goodbyes are all about celebrating their life. Internal conflicts your family unit may be having outside of your loved one’s funeral should be put aside. At this time of need, your loved one needs you to care for them one last time. Serve them well in evaluating their final wishes, needs, and what their final impression on the world will be. Come together as a family unit to make the best out of a sad situation. Contact a funeral home to learn more about their available services. Your final choice on cremation or burial service will be all the better when you are able to come together on the decision.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the peace you need right now. Rest assured, you will be able to decide on cremation or a burial service. The weight of the world may seem like it’s on your shoulders, but when you hang in there together, and have the chance to reflect on your loved one again, you will see the rewards of making this final choice.

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